Flying Baby with Suspenders

Flying baby with suspenders

What is this flying baby with suspenders doing here when I could be talking about the world news?!

We have so much going on, and this is what I choose to talk about instead.

We need more flying babies with suspenders right now.

I want to brighten everyone’s day but everyone just wants to pout and fight.

Right now, if you check out the news, you will be hard-pressed to find anything good to read or watch. Gone are the days of the squirrel riding a skateboard.

If we could think about something special to say or something good to share, we all need it right now.

We need to find joy and happiness again. While Disneyland is closed, we have to work a little harder to find it.

It’s there.

This is why I choose to talk about something good. I doodled a flying baby with suspenders today and I’m definitely proud to talk about it, quirkiness and all.

I hope I’ve brightened your day,
When everything seems so grey.



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